Silk art is a project which has been taken a step into in 2002 with the conversion of a little room of the house into a workshop by ipek kırım who later on created her handmade jewelry designs in it. With the participation of her little sisters in 2005 the establishment of Silk Art as a corporate has been started. When we come to 2009, Silk Art has grounded its foundation with a crew that is stronger and more creative.

At first, the main materials that has been worked with was mostly glass, wood, copper and natural stones. In a short span of time, with the growing admiration by all thanks to its authentic creations, silk art has continued with a wider diversity and added materials to its collections such as brass, bronze, silver, silk, leather, enamelling and so on. Silk Art uses these materials with a covering technique which is always in progress of developing into better. While the act of creation continues in the two workshops, these creations meet with their customers in the shop located in Galata. Silk Art has gained attention from a wide range of people including Europe with its unique designs. Since 2002, setting love, respect and genuinity as priorities Silk art continues to grow with retail, wholesale and e-commerce channels.

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